. It is inescapably related to the overt or covert

Hong Kong

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opposition and violent radicals, and a

support from the U.S. side to anti-China troublemakers in Hong Kong, Yang said.He noted that some violent radicals have been wantonly beating, smashing, lootin

g, causing serious obstruction to the traffic, and vandalizing public facilities."They hurled petrol bombs upon subway in operation and produced remote-control homem●ade bombs," Yang said, adding that they also assaulted police officer

full revelati

  • s and ordinary r

    esidents with different opinions, as well as snatched police guns and even slashed at an officer's neck.Yang said their actions severely harmed the public order and infringed upon the basic human rights of Ho

    ng Kong people including police, such as

  • personal safety

    and freedom of expression.U.S. House and some politicians turned a blind eye to violent crimes of Hong Kong mobs, confused right and wrong and confounded black with white, Yang said. "It is nothing else but

    being accessary to crimes and should def

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